TN Polycarbonate (Type: TN Hollow Sheet or TN Twin Wall Sheet)
TN has been the distributor of Polycarbonate sheet for more than 25 years and we always bring the best quality product to our respected customers.  We maintained the the most efficient production process through the investigation of our raw materials and its quality by the private and government sector for inspection of the standard quality.  Any below standards products will not be distributed into the market.  Therefore, quality of product is the our top priority to delivered the best products to our customers. 

TN Polycarbonate Hollow sheet or Twin Wall Sheet is suitable for both interior and exterior decoration such as canopy that needs a natural light within the fence space at home, the space for the natural light to save electricity, partition, backgrounds for trendy decoration, used as an alternation of mosquitoes wire screen to prevent any insects or mouses, plant nursery, booth decoration, for advertising signage, furniture decoration and many mores.

TN Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet or Twin Wall Sheet Warranty
We provide 10 years guarantee of international product standard as follows:
Changes in colours for the period of 10 years.
Breakage due to the changes in weather condition for the period of 5 years.

Benefits of TN Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet or Twin Wall Sheet
1. Clear and colourful (It is different from the fiber that is more opaque).
2.  Tough and strong (It is 250 times stronger than glass and 20 times stronger than acrylic).

3.  Translucent (light can pass more or less depend on the type and colour of the sheet).

4.  Light weight means used less structure and save cost compared to other types of materials.
5.  Resistant to heat and cold (Maximum heat of  120 C° and cold of -20 C° ).
6.  Not easily caused fire or burst into flames with the melting point above 400 C ° and becomes ashes when the temperature exceeds 600 C °.

7.  Easy installation with many types of structures such as woods, steel, stainless and etc.
8.  High flexibility and can bent for more curve (Depends on the types and thickness).
9.  Able to use in many design both outdoors and indoors.
10.  The sheet has a property of being insulation and not a conductor.

TNPC 101
TNPC 102
TNPC 103
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TNPP 701t


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