TN Polycarbonate Embossed Sheet
Polycarbonate Embossed Sheet type has a characteristic of skin above being smooth but the skin below being rough just like the orange skin.  It has an advantage of protecting the sunlight to passed through directly and as well as protecting the areas that needs to obscure from being seen.  It has two size of thickness of 2.5 m.m and 3 m.m with the width of 1.20 meters and length of 30 meters.  FYI: You are able to choose the length as you expected in one roll within 30 meters.

TN Embossed Sheet type can be used in many occasion such as canopy
hat needs a natural light within the fence space at home, for interior and exterior decoration, ceilings, partition, bathroom partitions, furniture decoration, safety partition for industrial uses, for plants nursery room and many mores.

TN Embossed Sheet type has a characteristic of being tougher and stronger than mirror 250 times and can be bended into the curved as much as you want.  It has also been coated with special substances that has UV protection and has a quality of being transparent.

TN Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet or Twin Wall Sheet Warranty

We provide 10 years guarantee of international product standard as follows:

Changes in colours for the period of 10 years.

Breakage due to the changes in weather condition for the period of 5 years.

Steps of Installation:

- Choose the colours, the thickness and the radius of the solid sheet to be installed.
- Give a space between the solid sheet of around 3-5 mm.

- Cut the solid sheet by the uses of scissor for cutting steel or electric cutting machines.
- It is important to clean the areas of structures before starting the installation. 

- The EDPM rubber or silicone must be put into the space between the solid sheet
- Place the side with TN logo area up to reached the sunlight only.

- Do not place the solid sheet on the floor or place it against the cement walls directly.

- Do not tear off the plastic cover of TN logo out before finishing the installation.

- Do not used sharp objects to write on to the solid sheet.

- Do not let the solid sheet touches the oil, turpentine or paint thinner.

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